Infrared thermometers are very popular and commonly used throughout many industrial sectors and work environments to measure the surface temperature of any object. These thermometers are very useful and also helps to bring down many accidents, since the rise in temperatures are the initial sign of trouble of many mechanical and electrical equipment. If the temperatures are monitored regularly of major components, it can prevent many disasters and troubles. There are many advantages of IR thermometers over the conventional probe thermometer, the foremost is infrared thermometers are non invasive. With infrared thermometers you can measure the temperature of any object without touching or going close to it. The other benefit is that it measures the temperature very fast. You don’t have to wait for minutes or many seconds to get accurate reading.

There are different types of Infrared thermometers available today in the market. They comes in different size and shape. They are also suitable for different purpose. So if you are going to buy a new infrared thermometers, make a good research and understand your need. Also there are many cheap quality infrared thermometers that does not give accurate reading. Always buy a reliable thermometer that are accurate and also durable, You can check out some top infrared thermometers in UK here. This article will help you in knowing more about IR thermometer and also help you in choosing the right infrared thermometer for your needs.

What is Infrared thermometer

Infrared (IR) thermometers measure reflected infrared light, which just like any light ray is Electromagnetic Radiation, with lower frequency (or longer wavelength) than visible light and can be correlated to a specific surface temperature of the product being measured. As it is the surface of an object that emits infrared, an infrared thermometer will not measure its internal (core) temperature. Infrared radiation, or IR, is just one type of radiation that exists within the electromagnetic spectrum. The laser is just there to show you where you are pointing the device. Anything above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Kelvin) radiates in the infrared. You cannot accurately measure through any covering (glass, polythene, clingfilm etc). Any surface you are measuring must be clean and dust free. Additional types of electromagnetic radiation include microwaves, x-rays and visible light. They work fine with the laser turned off. Even ice cubes, snow, and your refrigerator emit infrared. Air temperature cannot be measured by an infrared thermometer.

The illustration below shows wavelength and frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Instead, they are just infrared radiation detectors. Everything constantly gives off thermal radiation because of its temperature, which consists mostly of infrared radiation for everyday temperatures. The distribution of frequencies in the thermal radiation given off depends on the temperature of the object. By measuring the thermal frequency distribution, the thermometer can calculate the temperature.

How Infrared Thermometers Work

You can point the IR thermometer on an ant on your desk, but what you get is an average temperature of the ant and the desk because the Field Of View of the IR thermometer is much larger than the Ant. IR light works like visible light—it can be focused, reflected or absorbed. Infrared thermometers are characterised by specifications including accuracy and angular coverage. Many non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, rubber, organic materials, rock, or concrete have surfaces that reflect very little, and therefore have high emissivities between 0.8 and 0.95. But, if you can get 10,000 ants on your desk, which can cover the whole FOV of the IR thermometer, then YES, you can measure the body temp of the Ants.

Handheld IR thermometers typically use a lens to focus light from one object onto a detector, called a thermopile. Simpler instruments may have a measurement error of about ±2 °C/±4 °F). The distance-to-spot ratio (D:S) is the ratio of the distance to the measurement surface and the diameter of the temperature measurement area. By contrast, metals especially those with polished or shiny surface have emissivities at around 0.1. The thermopile absorbs the IR radiation and turns it into heat. For instance if the D:S ratio is 12:1, the diameter of the measurement area is one-twelfth of the distance to the object. IR thermometers compensate for this by offering variable options for setting the emissivity factor. The more IR energy, the hotter the thermopile gets. This heat is turned into electricity. The electricity is sent to a detector, which uses it to determine the temperature of whatever the thermometer is pointed at. The more electricity, the hotter the object. The higher the temperature, the more electricity sent to the detector, the higher the reading.

Emissivity is the measure of an object’s ability to emit infrared energy. he accuracy of the following figures is almost impossible to guarantee as the emissivity of a surface will not only alter with regard to texture and colour but also with its actual temperature at the time of measurement. Knowledge of surface emissivity is important both for accurate non-contact temperature measurement and for heat transfer calculations. The emissivity coefficient – ε – for some common materials can be found in the table below. Emitted energy indicates the temperature of the object.

We would recommend, in the first instance, comparing measurements found, with an accurate surface probe or wire probe, and then the Infrared thermometer can be adjusted to match the correct emissivity and used for subsequent measurements. Radiation thermometers detect the thermal radiation emitted by a surface. Note that the emissivity coefficients for some products varies with the temperature. Emissivity can have a value from 0 (shiny mirror) to 1.0 (black body). Most organic, painted, or oxidized surfaces have emissivity values close to 0.95. They are generally calibrated using black body reference sources that have an emissivity as close to 1 as makes no practical difference.

As a guideline the emmisivities below are based on temperature 300 K. When viewing ‘real’ more reflective surfaces, with a lower emissivity, less radiation will be received by the thermometer than from a black body at the same temperature and so the surface will appear colder than it is unless the thermometer reading is adjusted to take into account the material surface emissivity.

Infrared Thermometers Advantages

TempIR gives an almost instantaneous reading, and there is a built in fever alarm to indicate if a temperature is very high. Understanding the difference between contact and non-contact temperature measurements is vitalto health, safety and quality issues in a wide range of industries.Use of thermometers to measure temperature has been around for centuries. The greatest advantage of IR thermometers is the ability to take temperature measurements of hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach objects without contact. With standard IR meters, measurements can be taken from within a few inches to approx. 10 ft away from the object. Since infrared thermometers can determine the temperature of a target object without physical contact, the measurement system does not contaminate, damage, or interfere with the process being monitored and has many advantages over contact measurement devices. The thermometer can be used again immediately, which is handy if you have two sick children, or if you need to check the reading quickly.

  • Temperature is the second most frequently measured physical quantity after time.
  • IR thermometers are usually available with lasers, which are used to help the user define the area they are measuring.
  • An Infrared Thermometer can be mounted remotely from the hot target, enabling it to operate for long periods with minimal maintenance.
  • TempIR stores the previous 32 readings, so it’s easy to check on the progress of the patient.
  • Various fields including civil, mechanical, medical, manufacturing, quality control, maintenance etc. depend heavily on accurate temperature measurements.
  • Units with Class II lasers use less than 1 mW of power and can take measurements up to 50 ft from the object.
  • Another significant advantage is the very fast response time provided by infrared thermometers, typically a temperature measurement can be made within a few thousandths of a second.

Studies show that temporal artery temperature measurement is more accurate than tympanic or axillary temperature recording. It provides important information such as condition of a machine;climate control for refrigerators and air conditioners;help determine if icing conditions exist etc.Accurate temperature monitoring insures that processes are operating consistently under optimum conditions,which results in improved product quality,increased safety,increased productivity, and reduced downtime. Units with Class III a lasers use less than 5 mW of power and can take measurements up to 100 ft away.

Infrared sensors offer the same technology and features as infrared thermometers except they output different signals. Most IR thermometers are limited to a measuring distance of approx. 100 ft due to atmospheric considerations. They can output thermocouple, voltage, or analog signals to displays or controllers. However, even with their limitations, IR thermometers still surpass standard thermometers regarding the distance from the object that is necessary for temperature measurement. These sensors are excellent for measuring multiple points in a process and are economical. Use industrial infrared sensors when the high temperature of the target to be measured could damage or destroy a contact sensor.

That itchy throat, that runny nose and those watery eyes could all be caused by the air you breathe in at home. The general belief is that the air indoors is safer than the one outdoors, but research indicates that this may be far from the reality. Most of the items found in homes such as furniture and carpets act as a habitat for moulds, harmful odors, pollen, animal dander and dust, all of which are responsible for minor to major forms of respiratory diseases and allergies. You can therefore, prevent and safeguard the health of you and your family by acquiring some best air purifiers in India.

What is an Air Purifier?

Technology has arguably made life easy and safe. Well, this is true in regard to air purifiers. These devices take in polluted air from the environment, filter the air and release fresh and clean air back into the environment, thus guaranteeing that you take in clean air into your lungs. Home air purifiers such as the rainbow air purifier are becoming quite popular in homes, due to their health benefits and also the fact that they can also eliminate unpleasant odor from the home.

How to Choose an Air Purifier in India

There are a variety of home purifiers in the market; you can choose them depending on their functionality, your needs and even brand. However, a good purifier is one that best serves your needs by taking out harmful elements from the air you breathe in. Here are some tips you can use in order to select an ideal home purifier:

  • Functionality/filters – Air purifiers use filters to clean air. Filters therefore, determine their functionality. There are a variety of filters such as the UV air filters, the HEPA and the ionic filters. All of these filters have their advantages and disadvantages; however, no purifier can remove 100% pollutants using just one filter. So, to achieve the best results you should opt for a purifier with multiple filters/filtration systems.
  • Your needs – You must first understand why you need a home air purifier. Is it because you want to enhance your health? Or prevent the rampant outbreak of allergies and asthma attacks in your home? Once you have identified your needs you will be able to acquire a suitable home air purifier. For instance, if you are asthmatic an ionization air purifier may not be suitable due to the ozone it releases.
  • Brand/manufacturer- There are a variety of air purifier brands and manufacturers, such as the rainbow air purifier, so selecting one can be a hustle. It is not easy to determine the efficacy of an air purifier as it emits air something that is not visible and cannot be easily measured. In this regard, one of the best ways of identifying an ideal brand is by reading customer reviews and ratings! For instance if you are looking for rainbow purifiers, simply read Rainbow air purifier reviews online to determine whether or not the purifier is right for you. From these reviews you will also identify the rainbow air purifier scam you should avoid from fraudulent people seeking to take advantage of you.
  • Price – You should also determine your budget and look for a purifier that is in line with it and your needs. For instance, the rainbow air purifier price is usually determined by its function and size.

Air is one of the most important elements of life, but it’s not enough for human beings to just breathe; they need to take in clean air into their lungs in order to be and remain healthy. You can achieve this with a quality air purifier in India.

Air Purifier Filter Types

Different air purifier filters target different types of air pollution, and what they target depends almost exclusively on the type of filtration technology they employ. After choosing the type and size of air purifier you need, consider whether or not you’d like any special features. Air purifiers that draw air through fab-ric filters are among those that do the best job of removing dust and smoke from the air without producing any ozone. Using an ozone generator indoors can cause ozone levels in the home that are higher than levels outdoors. HEPA air purifiers are the most popular, and they are perfect for eliminating household allergens such as dust, animal dander, pollen, and other particulate.

Added features can include caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, digital controls, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, filter change indicators, programmable timers, air quality sensors, and more. Top- rated models such as the Whirlpool Whispure, $230, performed better at their lowest, quietest speeds than many others did at their higher, noisier settings. Even higher than the box says. Air purifiers have HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters that aid in cleaning the air around that is circulated. Air quality easily ranks as among the most influential factors on our health, as evidenced in countries that suffer from high levels of air pollution, but the tricky thing about air pollution is that so much of what is harmful to us is undetectable with our noses.

Air Purifier Benefits

Most air purifiers have monitors that show levels of particulate matter coming down indoors by 50% to 90%. While international studies have shown PM levels fall with particular machines, there is virtually no peer-reviewed study in India or elsewhere to conclusively establish that air purifiers have tangible health benefits. If you buy an air cleaner that is too small for your room it will not clean the air well. They help get rid off contaminants and impurities from the air. When you are cold, you know it keenly, but your body can’t always tell you when the air you breathe is contaminated. The best solution to the air pollution within your home will depend, of course, on the type and scope of the particular problem, your home’s characteristics, and your family’s specific health concerns and budget.
It is possible for the HEPA filter to remove about 99.9% of dust particles bigger than 0.3 microns (the standard measure for microns). HEPA filters can clear the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and almost all pollutants present in the air. However, as we all know, advertisements can be deceptive. This leaves the questions of how much of these claims are actually true and whether or not air purifiers have significant down sides as well. To help you make this distinction, here is some information about what air purifiers do, in what ways are they beneficial, and in what ways are they not beneficial.

In the past for people who own carpets the clear choice was upright vacuum. If you want something to clean all types of surfaces then you need to choose another type of vacuum. Today, this need for separate types of vacuum has been addressed with the availability of multipurpose vacuums around. Dyson DC41 has been advertised as one of the best upright vacuums around because of its superior features and filtration qualities. Dyson DC41 can capture more dirt than any other cleaner that uses cyclone technology.

There are times when it is hard to reach out to remove any obstacles when cleaning up. This means you will not have a hard time keeping closer to edges like in stair ways or hard to reach places because you are not that tall.

5 Important Factors to Consider

1. Easy Storage

Most vacuum owners love a vacuum that allows them to store such appliance even in a compact space, preferably inside a small closet. It would be easy to pull out the vacuum from its storage if you are one of those people who like vacuuming daily.

2. Cleans Anything

It would save you a good amount of money if the vacuum in question can clean almost anything. If it can be use even in hard to reach areas such as the nooks and crannies of the house or the stair area then it would be a big help. You should also consider the shape of the vacuum’s head. You might have a hard time cleaning out particularly hard places to reach when cleaning up. If you can change the machine heads into a spinning brush for carpet cleaning use then it would comb out the fibers and other debris that have stayed in the carpet for some time. Dyson DC41 has self adjusting cleaner head which means when its cleaning head comes in contact with any type of floor it retains its power. This product can stretch up to 5 times its normal length and best of all there is no need to disassemble and reassemble the parts again to do this task.

3. Powerful Suction

When it comes to cleaning up, a good upright vacuum should have a powerful suction. It is this factor that draws the dust and dirt into the machine. Is it easy to dispose the amount of dirt collected? One of the features that you have to look for in upright vacuums out there is that it not only sucks the dirt into the machine but it is easy to get the dirt build out into the bin.

4. Tangle Free Turbine Tool

Pet hair can gather up in difficult places to take it out of. It gets stuck there and makes it difficult to get your hands into the machine. The Dyson DC41 has counter rotating heads which means you won’t have any trouble to keep off the hair wrapped around in the machine. All you need is to release this straight into the bin.

5. Purifies The Air

There are times when an owner needs a vacuum that can capture all the unseen allergens and expels clean air. This is good news for those who are having hard time to breathe when the room is not clean properly and there are unseen dirt or microbes suspended in the air.

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

There are many types of vacuum cleaners available on the market. They also come with different features and varied price range. Choosing the best vacuum cleaners in India may not be an easy task for many. Here are some of the top vacuum cleaners of 2016

Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
One of the top upright vacuums of this generation is Dyson DC50. From Amazon it got 4.5 stars coming from 12 customers. Their special feature includes the most advanced cleaner head technology which picks up the dirt from different kinds of floors just like its brother the Dyson DC41. I really liked a few of the features of the DC50, such as the new brush style with the motor inside of the brush bar as opposed to using a belt, or the self adjusting plate around the brush head, and even the twin layer of the cyclone jets. The fact that it was so much lighter also would not hurt, since then I could start getting my 10 year old more involved with vacuuming as well, maybe as a new chore for him. This vacuum cleaner has 2 Tier radial cyclones to capture microscopic materials. It is ultra weight and durable.

Bissell CleanView with OnePass 9595
Bissel vacuum cleaner in India
Getting 4.5 stars of approval coming from 152 customers is a nice way of knowing that this vacuum cleaner can be a good candidate to choose when shopping for the right upright vacuum. It boasts of powerful cyclonic system suction. It has a special brush design that cleans after the initial pass. This will be safe for you and your family. It uses only water to clean your floors. These will be safe for your family, pets and environment. It will help to eliminate the harsh chemicals and make the cleaning very easy than you expected. It help to remove oily stains from ceramic tiles.It comes with Turbo Brush tool to use for stairs, furniture and upholstery. After using this vacuum cleaner it is easy to empty the dirty tank. It has excellent steam control function that let you to adjust the amount of steam saturation you want over a certain time.

Panasonic Jet Force Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
It is now Panasonic’s turn to venture into vacuum cleaning. From 91 customers who gave this vacuum cleaner 4.5 star reviews there might be just more than meets the eye from this cleaner. This vacuum boasts of 12 Amp Jet Force lightweight cleaning system. Its air turbine is pet friendly so there will be no problems of the pet getting sucked into the vacuum when you are busily cleaning up.

Earlier when there few models of hair dryers available on the market, it was quiet easy to choose a reasonable hair dryers from the local department store. But those hair dryers made lot of noise and in many cases they also damage your hair, especially if your hair is thin or long. But today we have many different types of hair dryers available on the market that are used by professionals.

Those dryers are still on the shelves, but consumers have also gained access to the formerly secret world of professional hair dryers like Parlux and the GHD Air. Hair dryers are no longer tools used merely for drying the hair quickly or removing moisture from the strands. Not all hair is the same, so it is important to first identify one’s hair texture. There is nothing worse than being somewhere far from home and stepping out of the shower or bath to realize you don’t have the proper hairdryer. And today’s dryers sound more like a science experiment than a beauty tool it’s all ‘ionic’ this and ‘ceramic’ that.

Why Use Hair Dryers

As any professional hair stylist would tell you, a hair dryer, when used properly, can help you combat frizz, add bounce and volume to the hair, and shape your hair right. Hair texture ranges from thin to thick and straight to curly. At least it can feel that way when you are forced to go through the rest of your vacation with frizzy, unkempt hair. Pick the right hair dryer, and yes, you can walk out of home with your head held high. And to help you achieve professional-looking blowouts, Sydney Salon Supplies has gathered a wide range of hair dryers from today’s leading brands, such as Babyliss, ghd, Parlux, and our very own Anthony Nader Special Edition WAHL hair dryers.
If the buyer is unsure what specific hair type she or he has, a good resource is a hair stylist or hair salon since they are familiar with hair types. It can be frustrating when you don’t have the proper hair care tools. And you may not have to pay top dollar. Our selection of hair dryers offers features that are made to suit each hair type and texture. Taking one’s hair length into account is also necessary since that may help determine the types of heat and speed settings needed. If you travel often, then consider buying a small, light in weight hair dryers. There are many portable hair dryers available in India, that are perfect when traveling.
There are two main categories of hair dryer on the market: retail and professional. So, should you blow your cash on a high-end hair dryer, or will the cheap and cheerful do, do? So whether you have naturally kinky hair, straight, wavy, dyed, thick or thin, we can supply you with a hair dryer that’s right for you. Besides hair type and length, it is also good to take into account what kind of styling the individual wants. While retail hair dryers are often targeted to domestic users, you may find that purchasing a high-end salon model is a good investment if you intend to get a lot of use from your purchase.

Styling with Hair Dryer

In our test, the top-rated hair dryer at $100 came in only slightly ahead of the second-best pick, which cost $40. Before purchasing your dream hairdryer, you should be on a need-to-know basis with terms like wattage and super turbo — although they sound like concepts straight out of Home Improvement, how much power your dryer punches can tell you how well it tames frizziness and flyaways. Some hair dryers are better suited for certain hairstyles than others. The biggest buzzword when shopping for a new dryer is ions. A $150 hair dryer was close to the bottom of the pack.
We’ve rounded up our top ten, all with varying benefits to cater to your styling needs for the perfect at-home blow-dry. Parlux hairdryers are salon quality tools used by the very best hairdressers and stylists around the globe. To put it simply, ion technology means your dryer negatively charges air molecules to help control frizz and shorten dry time. Then there are the ‘professional’ hair dryers that can set you back $200. One of the best feelings ever is having a great hair day.
They haven’t been the #1 seller for years on end for no reason. Also popular: ceramic. Are they worth it? Often, that awesome sensation comes with a price tag of a professional blowout — but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Parlux hairdryers are precision made with Italian made components, and made to highest standard possible.
Components made of ceramic help evenly distribute heat and are especially important in your dryer’s attachments. The short answer is maybe. A shiny, bouncy, look-at-me blowout can be achieved at home without the salon fuss. They encompass Ceramic and Ionic Technology in the models 1800, 3200, 3500 and the 3800. A concentrator nozzle is the key to a smooth blowout, and if you have curly hair you’ll want a diffuser, which distributes air without disturbing texture.
In CHOICE’s user trial, our triallists all said they would buy one of the ‘professional’ dryers and were willing to pay top dollar for it, but one salon owner told us she would rather use a different brand. Seriously, we’re always looking for ways to perfect the art of a perfect blowout. Ceramic is an age old composition material traditionally made from clay. Varied heat and speed settings are important, and a cool shot button sets hair once it’s dry. One of the main differences between bargain-basement and pricey hair dryers is the technology they claim to use.

Types of hair dryers

The best blow dryers are easy to use, work fast and fight frizz, so that hair can be left feeling soft, healthy and looking its best. When incorporating ceramic materials into electrical items it’s used in the body of the dryer, on the heating element or even as a coating on the internal parts. Wattage measures the power of the dryer, so the more watts, the more forceful the flow of air will be. Ionic hair dryers. These claim to produce negatively charged ions that are supposed to dry hair faster and create less static, supposedly giving you healthier, smoother hair. With so many options in different price ranges, we figured we’d give you a leg up on your shopping research to see which dryer fits your hair type, budget and lifestyle.
When heated it creates far hotter air than it would compared to a non-ceramic model. Russell’s priorities are ions, multiple heat settings, a cool shot, and the proper attachments. Ceramic coils are supposed to heat more evenly and effectively than the traditional heating element in hair dryers, providing better heat regulation. For years we’ve been proving wrong the old adage that you always get what you pay for: in other words, that a high price tag is no guarantee of quality. By creating this hotter air faster, it benefits the user by producing an even stream of hot air that is spread evenly across the hair’s surface.
Standard wattage is 1875, which is great for normal hair, but if your locks are thick you may want higher wattage for more power. But is all this talk of ionic and ceramic technology just hot air? In this investigation, we spoke with product experts to get their insight on facial moisturisers, hair dryers and men’s underwear. Scientists have been aware for decades of the microscopic particles called ions that carry a negative or positive charge and how when they can interact. Travel dryers are less powerful because of their low wattage, so unless you really need to save space you won’t be doing yourself any favors by buying a small model.

What’s best – Ionic or Ceramic?

We found no conclusive evidence to say that either ionic or ceramic technology improves hair dryer performance. Then we pitted a low-, medium- and high-end product from each category against each other in a user trial, which came out with some interesting results. When a Parlux Ceramic and Ionic hairdryer starts to dry wet or damp hair, the water particles on the hair interact with the negative ions that is being produced by the Parlux. A dryer with a filter isn’t totally necessary, but it will help extend the life of your purchase.“A good hair dryer should last anywhere from two to five years,” says Russell, which makes the price-per-use equation heavily favor splurging on a quality model. “My favorite brand is Parlux,” he says. “They have excellent quality, and lightweight models that get the job done fast. In our test, the best rating hair dryer had both technologies; our second pick had neither – and cost half the price.
In all three product categories, we chose an expensive, ‘exclusive’ product with interesting claims about the benefits offered, a mid-priced product that had similar claims, and an easily available, cheap product that made no big promises. The water molecules are quickly broken up by the use of the ionic technology. I use mine every day on numerous people and I’ve had my latest model for over two years!” Parlux’s 3200 Ceramic & Ionic Edition Professional Hair Dryer ($164) has four heat settings, two speeds, a cool shot button, is ionic and ceramic, has a removable filter, and includes two concentrator nozzles. Diffusers with short fingers are designed to dry curly or permed hair by spreading the airflow to prevent frizz. In our results, scores of four or less are represented as a thumbs down, five as a sideways thumb, and six to 10 is a thumbs up.Not all hair is the same, so it is important to first identify one’s hair texture.

Ionic Technology

The smaller droplets that are broken up are forced to penetrate the outer layer of individual hair shafts. He also likes Elchim; their Uragano Ionic Dryer ($140) has ion technology and varied speed and temperature settings. Diffusers with longer fingers – sometimes called volumisers – are designed to add volume to all types of hair by directing heat to the roots. Hair texture ranges from thin to thick and straight to curly. By infusing moisture back into the hair shaft while drying the external surface of the hair – hair is left smoother, shinier and with significantly less frizz.
Our office favorite is T3, especially their Featherweight 2 ($200). It has tourmaline technology, which emits negative ions and infrared heat for healthier drying. The Karmin Salon Series provides even, consistent heat and fan power with multiple different settings for achieving different styles. If the buyer is unsure what specific hair type she or he has, a good resource is a hair stylist or hair salon since they are familiar with hair types. Together, ceramic and Ionic technology dries hair more efficiently, no longer damaging your hair in the for the most part daily ritual of drying and styling. It’s also ionic and ceramic, has three heat settings and two speeds, a cool shot button, and comes with a concentrator attachment and removable filter.

Ceramic Content

Easy to work with and handle, it’s never cumbersome or heavy, even when blowing out my super long, thick hair. Taking one’s hair length into account is also necessary since that may help determine the types of heat and speed settings needed. All while eliminating the frizz factor from your hair. If you want a salon-quality model, but can’t quite muster the higher price tag, there are middle-of-the-road options. I love this heat tool and will definitely repurchase!

Choosing the right hair dryers

Besides hair type and length, it is also good to take into account what kind of styling the individual wants. All Parlux hairdryers are of the highest made standard, regardless of which model you take home. Turbo Power’s MegaTurbo 2500 Professional Hair Dryer ($79) has numerous heat and speed settings, a removable filter, and a concentrator attachment. Definitely recommend paying more for a hair dryer. Some hair dryers are better suited for certain hairstyles than others.

There are various models available in the Indian market within the Parlux range. BaBylissPRO’s Carrera 2 Ceramic Hair Dryer ($96) is ionic and ceramic, has different heat and speed settings, and includes a concentrator attachment as well. The motor is powerful. Parlux hairdryers are salon quality tools used by the very best hairdressers and stylists around the globe. Most popular within the range are the 1800, 3200, 3500 and the Ferrari of the range, the 3800.
Needless to say, picking out a low-priced version is a little more difficult. The sales lady said that there are actually parts in the hairdryer that are used in a jet. They haven’t been the #1 seller for years on end for no reason. All of the model listed below have 240V / Australian power connection plug, 3 metre cord, 2 speed function and 4 temperature settings. Like Russell mentioned above, the most important things to look for are varied heat settings, a cool shot, and ion technology.


It’s worth it. Parlux hairdryers are precision made with Italian made components, and made to highest standard possible. Nozzles come standard with all Parlux hairdryers, 2 different sizes large and small to assist with specific styling and drying needs. BaBylissPRO’s Ceramix Extreme Dryer ($40) is powerful (2000 watts), has a removable air filter and concentrator nozzle, two temperature settings, and a cool shot at a much lower price. It’s powerful and I don’t even need to use my hair straightener.
They encompass Ceramic and Ionic Technology in the models 1800, 3200, 3500 and the 3800. Additional nozzles can be purchased for you Parlux if you need to replace them. Conair’s 1875 Watt Ion Shine Multi-Setting Styler ($30) is another good option with ceramic and ionic technology, a hinged filter, and two heat settings. I’ve told all my friends about it. Finger diffusers are available for each of the Parlux models.


Spending $200 on a dryer may seem like a lot, but it’s part of the reason your hair looks amazing when leaving the salon. It’s what my hairdresser uses. Diffusers help for people with curly hair by spreading out the air flow to a slightly wider area, allowing the air to dry effectively without blowing the curls apart. Worth the money! Each Parlux has a different sized barrel, so be sure to match the model of your Parlux to the correct diffuser to ensure you purchase the correct sized diffuser.  I’m very happy with it because it’s easy to storage, not bulky, I expected it to be a bit lighter but it’s not a big deal.

We all know this is the age of smartphones, where almost every person whether rich or poor, men or women have one or more mobile phones. In this age, we are dependent on this device not only for making calls but also for various other purposes including watching movies, listening songs, surfing internet and socializing with friends and relatives. So what exactly is smartphone and why they are so popular?.

What is Smartphone

A smartphone is a cellular phone with technologically advance features of a computer with advanced operating system. They basically combine the features of a mobile phone and a personal computer. A smartphone also include a high resolution digital camera for taking high quality pictures. These pictures can be easily shared using variety of different medias like Bluetooth, text message or though email and social media apps. Most Smartphones also provide video recording capabilities with sound. So basically smartphone can perform the following functions:

  • Make a voice call (this is of course why mobile was invented)
  • You can also make video calls using 3G or 4G service.
  • Browse the internet
  • Take snaps and share with your friends or upload them on the internet.
  • Navigate with GPS if the phone has GPS built-in
  • Listen music and watch videos.
  • Manage your contacts and appointments
  • Send emails
  • Play thousands of games

Comparison chart between Telephone, Cellular phone and Smartphone

Function Telephone Cellphone Smartphone
Send and receive telephone calls Yes Yes Yes
Receive and store messages Some Yes Yes
Camera No Some Yes
Calendar No Some Yes
Address Book No Yes Yes
Text Messaging No Yes Yes
Music Player No No Yes
Internet Access No Some Yes
Email No Some Yes
Bluetooth No Some Yes
Video Recording No Some Yes
GPS No Some Yes

Smartphone Accessories

Since today’s smartphone have so many features, to fully utilize them you may need some accessories. Here are the top smartphone accessories available on the market.

Power Banks: Power bank is nothing but an external battery sealed in a plastic case. They can charge your smartphone and other USB devices on the go. With the ever increasing use of smartphones, the internal battery does not last for more than 5-6 hours. As you don’t have electrical socket available everywhere, power bank becomes a must have device for those who use their smartphone heavily. Most power banks are small and compact in size and light in weight. So carrying them is not a major issue, you can keep them either in your pocket or handbag. While choosing the best power banks, you need to buy the power bank with capacity more than that of your mobile phone’s battery so that it can at least charge it once.

Selfie stick: This device as the name suggest is use to take selfies. The most common way to use a selfie stick is to take your smartphone, then slide it into place or mount it on the end of the selfie stick as instructed by the stick manufacturer, and connect it via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack. The so-called “selfie stick” was first used by extreme sports aficionados, but in the past year its use has exploded, primarily among populations in east and southeast Asia. Most selfie sticks that are designed for smartphones include some form of remote shutter control to trigger your shot from the handle.

Screen Protector: Your smartphone display is the most sensitive and also the most expensive part of your mobile phone. Therefore it is necessary to protect it, in case it falls down or from the scratches. If you want to buy a pack of two or three screen protectors, you’ll get thin protectors that are hardly noticeable. A screen protector is a thin film of material that adheres to the screen of a device to protect from it scratches caused by daily wear and tear. Screen protectors are available in different materials, finishes, and sizes to fit a variety of devices. They protect your smartphone against scratches just like other protectors, but will wear over time — you’ll eventually replace your scuffed protector with another one in the pack.

Spiderpodium:Spiderpodium is a multi-function stand, gadget grip and holster. With its flexible legs and its capability for use with any phone. The eight legs bend around the phone and two go into the air vemt or around the mirror. I have an iphone and my girlfriend has a htc and it holds both easy. I use it to mount my smartphone high on my car dash where I can view the phone’s GPS navigation, see who’s calling, and play music (mp3 and streaming services) all while keeping my eyes up with a view to the road.

Britain gave the railways to the world. What was to become the world’s standard gauge for railways – the distance between the rails of 4ft 8.5 inches (1435 mm) – was first established at Willington Colliery in County Durham in 1764. Britain was to lead the world in the key technological advances in iron (and later steel) rails and in the development of steam locomotives. This allowed the railway to become developed as a complete transport system, with British engineers playing a crucial part in the development of railways throughout the world. The coming of the railways also gave rise to many industrial and social benefits, including the establishment of uniform time across the UK, the development of seaside resorts, and of course commuting to work. Railway companies were the giant corporations of their day, with their own networks of hotels, bus and road haulage services, shipping lines and later even air and hovercraft services. For more than 200 years the railway has played a central role in the life of Great Britain.

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